CTFO Opportunity

Visit the CTFO Compensation Plan Here. It is a lot easier to just point you to the main company page on this subject then it is to have to make changes to this page as new updates come out. You will get an explaination of the CTFO opportunity by a professional. When you join this company you will probably want to send people to your own company replicated site for this also. Try to keep things easy. Anybody can run this business.

CTFO Opportunity

Could This Be An Opportunity Of a Lifetime?

Is this the CTFO opportunity of a lifetime? It might be! Explaining the CTFO opportunity is somewhat difficult to do since it has a compensation plan unlike most other companies. Some see it like a combination of affiliate and network marketing combined. The compensation plan is so unique that the company has a patient on it.

I find the comp plan hard to explain so I usually refer people to the videos that are available online. Below are 2 videos that explain how money is made and how and where new customers and associates line up under you when they join.

Pay Plan Overview – 13 page PDF of the pay plan

Pay Plan Chart – 1 pade PDF of the pay plan

New Associate Instructions

Homepage Of This Site

New CTFO Comp Plan from Bill Elsenrath on Vimeo.

CTFO Associate Website

When you join CTFO as an associate or customer you will get a free company replicated website. Associates can use this site to send people to for them to order CBD products. This site also has a back office where you can do a My CTFO Login to get all sorts of company information including pictures, pdf files, videos, training and business card layouts.

CTFO Opportunity In The CBD Business
CTFO Opportunity In The CBD Business
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