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The CTFO Directory is a personal website of an Independent Associate of CTFO.

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Welcome to the CTFO Directory where active CTFO Independent Associates of  the CBD Team are listed by state. An active rep is one that has an order placed every 30 days.

At the present time, the company is in the process of spreading around the world. CTFO has announced that they have launched their entire product line in England, Wales, Scotland, all of Ireland and Sweden with more to come. Ask all the people you know, who they know and who lives in these countries if they want to be part of CTFO. Stay Tuned For Future Updates!

Investing In CBD Companies

If you have been keeping up with the latest news along with the stock market you will know that companies in the CBD industry are on the move. If you have invested in the right CBD, marijuana and hemp companies you probably have probably more then doubled your investment. CTFO is at the cutting edge of this new technology with a product line that has over 30 CBD infused products. My belief is this sets them up to be in the marijuana business when that becomes legal in the future. I have personally invested in 25 different marijuana and CBD companies listed on the stock market during the months of August and September 2018. To me, CTFO is an investment even though they are not a public listed company. The type of investment I am talking about is the income that CTFO can generate for me and the people that join the company.

More on this in the future!

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CTFO CBD Oil Product Directory
CTFO Directory – CBD Oil Products And Business Opportunity
CTFO Free CBD Oil Business
CTFO Free CBD Oil Business

News Video About CBD Oil And How It Helped Some Children

CTFO CBD Oil Products For Pain Management

Many people suffer from pain in one form or the other including the owner of the website. Hi, I am Bill and have suffered from degenerative disk disease for over 30 years. I go to a pain management doctor every month because I am on powerful drugs and I cannot get a prescription without a monthly approval from a doctor. I started taking full spectrum CBD hemp oil from CTFO at the beginning of August 2019. I have to say that the pure CBD oil definitely helps me with pain reduction. More to come in the future as I try and test more CTFO CBD products.

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CBD products are now available at CTFO Canada.

CTFO is growing rapidly. Get on board for a ride of your lifetime!